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Saving Time, Long Journeys, and Saving the Planet!

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At last night’s Nuremberg Toastmaster’s meeting, we had it all!

Alex shared with us how to save time in our daily lives, by buying a remote-controlled lawnmower. Alexandra extolled us on the virtues of long, dedicated, energetic fruitful journeys. And Horst showed us just how essential the planet is to our survival, and just how much we, in our day-to-day lives, can do to care better for it.

The speeches were full of passion, enthusiasm, conviction, and fun. On a personal note, it was great to see each of speakers presenting again and to see that, as always, they’ve grown in some small way on their journeys to become exceptional public speakers.

Rounding out the evening was Susann’s excellent work as the Toastmaster of the Evening who, through the theme of “the school days are now behind us” encouraged us to share a little about ourselves, now that we’re all “out in the world”, and the presentation of Horst’s CC (Competent Communicator) badge.