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We did it! 15 Years Nuremberg Toastmasters!

What a memorable evening it was! Over 40 guests attended Nuremberg Toastmaster’s 15th Anniversary Gala at the Estragon Restaurant on 13 January 2018, including our Division Director Stefan, Area Director Alexandra, three Founding Members and ten Past Presidents!

Hosted by Club President Peter, it was an evening full of delectable food, delightful conversation and diverting entertainment. Fairy Godmother Margaret offered us the exquisite gifts of Joy, Wisdom, and Belonging. Mappo, aka Mark Schuck, had us rolling in laughter with magic, mime and music. And Hiram recognized past and current members for the contributions they made above and beyond the call of duty that have have enabled the Club to thrive throughout its 15 years.

A wonderful evening rooted in the present, looking forward to the future and celebrating the past. Happy 15th Anniversary, Nuremberg Toastmasters, and thanks to EVERYONE who’s played a role in making it a great club to be part of!


Here are a few highlights.  See lots more photos on our Facebook page.

Incredible Feats
Mappo at work
Pig from Erlangen
Fairy Godmother Margaret
Peter & Founder Carlos
Peter & Margaret
Estragon Restaurant
Special thanks to Mappo (Marc), Margaret and Carlos with Hiram and Peter
Special Honorees Alexandra, Heidi and Günter with Hiram and Peter