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Nuremberg Toastmasters Membership at Record Level

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Nuremberg Toastmasters is growing by the day! We now have grown to 44 active members. Thanks to the high quality meetings including table topics (Impromtu Speeches), warm-up sessions, high quality speeches and honest and fair evaluations and feedback. That makes for a good Toastmasters club. On March 7th we will have our club contest, so please come along and watch Toastmasers in action and participate yourself.

Great to have all our new members who joined since January this year. Here they are!!!

Zhitian Zhang, Stefano Soncina, Anna Slyschak, Elisabeth Schwille, Jorg Saupe, James (Chet) Sanders, Hubert Meier, Ilias Anwari, Loai Hesham Aboelrouse and Frank Franz.

A great welcome to our new members!!