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End of Toastmaster Year: Award “President’s Distinguished Club”

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At the end of this Toastmaster year (30th June), once again we are allowed to call ourselves “President’s Distinguished Club”. Horay!

There are many different awards in Toastmasters but this is the finest a club can achieve. Our club can look back on a long history of receiving this status. Out of our 10 years in existence we have achieved it 8 times.

What does it mean for the individual members?

Basically it’s a quality feature:

It means as a club we provide great meetings, we have a strong membership base of around 35 people, 8 trained officers look after the club and its members well-being, it also means that every two weeks committed Toastmasters of all levels give sophisticated speeches, that are fun, interesting, sometimes educational and always very entertaining.

There are more good news: Also our area with all Franconian clubs has been awarded the title “Distinguished Area” and last but not least we now belong to a district that is now  “District #1 in the world. Our district comprises all mainland Europe and is the fastest growing, the one which can boast the most successful clubs and members.

As a president I would like to thank you all for your contribution in achieving this!

Let’s celebrate our success at our upcoming pool party!

Alexandra, President