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Demo Toastmasters Meeting dedicated to the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure VDI

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We recently had a great Demo Meeting with the VDI organized by Guenter Schmidt our Area governor. This Meeting was a great succes. The Agenda was broken into three parts, first the prepared speeches around 7 minutes each, followed by Impromptu speeches of around 2 minutes each and then the evaluations and feedback of all the speeches. The evaluation part is very important so that all speakers are given the opportunity to learn something and improve moving forward.
The meeting was held in this spirit and this lead to a succesful event. Thanks to Guenter for all the preparation.
Thanks so much for your contributions to our demo meeting dedicated to the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure in Nuremberg, yesterday evening. All of you have done such an amazing and excellent job. Outstanding speeches, table topics and excellent evaluations have been given and all of the meeting roles have been filled and were carried out in an extremely professional way. It is my impression, all of you positively impressed the about 15 guests. We shared an important message with them. You gave proof of Toastmasters are high achievers. All that put together will help our clubs get more members and make them stronger.

I was literally blown away by the comments of the guests who were mainly engineers at the end of the meeting. Ranging from “How to join a Toastmasters club”, “How much is the membership fee”, “How important it is to improve public speaking and English speaking skills” to “How effectively a Toastmasters meeting can be and how much fun it makes”.

I am extremely grateful you joined us and contributed to our amazing demo meeting, yesterday.