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10th Anniversary : Foundation Timeline

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Nuremberg Toastmasters founder and first president, Carlos Galaniuk has given us a timeline of the foundation of Nuremberg Toastmasters.

Feb 2002 : I looked for a Toastmasters club in Nuremberg and when I found none, I decided to form one.

March 6, 2002 : I gave a presentation to DAI, Heidi and the then serving DAI director were present and indeed Heidi was probably the earliest essential promoter of the club; I have the presentation here that I gave: the stated aim was: . As you know, they did commit.

March – April 2002: Munich people provided guidance and support and preparation for the demonstration meeting.

April 29, 2002: Demonstration meeting was held.

May 13, 2002: First independent meeting was held with Nuremberg people only.

May-Oct: A core officer team formed early and for a 4.5 month period we marched successfully together through a membership build phase.

Oct. 8, 2002: We had 20 members and I filed, as founding president, the charter application with Toastmasters International.

Oct. 21, 2002 Official charter was granted.

Oct –Jan. 2002 By this time we had a lot of momentum and we were all excited about this new club

Jan 24, 2003 Charter party at the DAI; I MC’d that party and Chris Maguire gave the keynote speech.