28 June, 2017

The Education Program

At the meetings, you learn to communicate effectively through giving prepared and impromptu speeches. Leadership skills are also developed through an enjoyable and professional education program. The best way to learn is by doing, and that’s how Toastmasters works!

Communication Track

Members present speeches based on projects from manuals in Toastmasters proven communication program. The first ten speaking projects provide the member with the essential public speaking skills to deliver effective speeches. Each project focuses on a skill. The ten projects from the Communication Track are:

  1. The Ice Breaker
  2. Organise your Speech
  3. Get to the Point
  4. How to say It
  5. Your Body Speaks
  6. Vocal Variety
  7. Research your Topic
  8. Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
  9. Persuade with Power
  10. Inspire Your Audience

Leadership Track

In Toastmasters members learn leadership skills by organising and conducting meetings, and by completing projects in the leadership manuals. Just as Toastmasters members learn to speak by speaking, they learn leadership by leading. The first ten projects in the leadership track each focus on the skills required by an effective leader:

  1. Listening and Leadership
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Giving Feedback
  4. Time Management
  5. Planning and Implementation
  6. Organising and Delegating
  7. Developing Your Facilitation Skills
  8. Motivating People
  9. Mentoring
  10. Team Building