3 August, 2018

Pathways – Getting Started

The following resources are intended for members only and will help you become more familiar with and prepared for Pathways.  Please respect Toastmasters’ intellectual property and not share this information outside of Toastmasters.  Thanks!

Club Starter Kit Resources

An overview of Pathways

  1. The Navigator (pdf, 24 pages) – Your guide to Toastmasters and Pathways
  2. Paths and Core Competencies (pdf, 11 pages) – A mapping of the 10 Paths, 5 Competencies and 59 Projects
  3. Project Description Reference Guide v2 (pdf, 66 pages) – Detailed information on Paths, Levels and Projects

Choosing a Path

One of the first things you’ll need to do, perhaps along with your Mentor, is select the Path you would like to follow.  The following process might help:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Pathways at a high level:  Review the Pathways At-A-Glance document, which provides an overview of the 10 Paths, 5 Competencies and 5 Levels
  2. See which required projects appeal to you: The elective projects in each Path are almost identical; it’s the required projects in Levels 3-5 that distinguish each Path. Review the Required Project Matrix, which maps the required projects in each Path. Mark which projects sound most useful to you.  Project descriptions can be found in Base Camp or in the “Project Description” document above.
  3. Take the official Pathways Assessment: Log into your Toastmasters International account, select Pathways / Take the assessment from the menu. The results will give you three suggested Paths.
  4. Compare the top paths from activity (2) with the results from activity (3) to make your decision. The “Paths and Core Competencies” document above might also prove useful as a reference.
  5. Order your Path while logged into your Toastmasters International account. Each member receives one Path as part of their membership. Do keep in mind that you can select any Path that you wish – the steps above are simply one way of analyzing your options.

Level 1 Project Resources

For quick access to resources which are also available on Base Camp