28 August, 2018

Meeting Roles

The success of our club’s meetings depends on our members. In Toastmasters, we learn by participating. There are many roles to fill and all meeting participants play an important part in making the club experience both educational and enjoyable.

Following are the roles we are called upon to fulfill, with links to tips for doing a good job. Roles and responsibilities may vary slightly from club to club, so check with our Vice President of Education or your Mentor when you are assigned a role.

Click on the Role name below for more information directly from the Toastmasters International website.  Also available for download through the TMI website is the very useful booklet “A Toastmaster Wears Many Hats” .

  • Toastmaster
    • Reviews the agenda
    • Talks with meeting participants to create interesting introductions
  • Topicsmaster
    • Ensures every member at a meeting has an opportunity to participate
    • Checks the meeting agenda to give priority to those without assigned roles
    • Invites guests to participate in Table Topics™. If they agree, the Topicsmaster ensures they have an opportunity to speak.
  • Speakers
    • Dedicate time and energy planning and practicing manual speeches
  • General Evaluator oversees and coordinates the evaluation segments of club meetings:
    • Introducing speech evaluators
    • Calling for reports from the
      • Timer
      • Ah-Counter and
      • Grammarian
    • Evaluating the meeting itself
  • Speech Evaluators help speakers by providing evaluations through:
    • The speaker’s manual evaluation form
    • Verbally reviewing the speaker’s strengths and areas for improvement
  • Timer – helps speakers learn to convey their message within a specific time limit
  • Grammarian and Ah-Counter – help speakers and other meeting participants to be aware of and polish their language usage