28 June, 2017

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Pathways Blog by member Alisa

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We did it! 15 Years Nuremberg Toastmasters!

What a memorable evening it was! Over 40 guests attended Nuremberg Toastmaster's 15th Anniversary Gala at the Estragon Restaurant on ...
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Memories, Compasses, and Glühwein

The final meeting of 2018 was full of "memories" of exceptional times. Ingrid (pictured) captivated us with two vivid memories ...
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Loai – Nuremberg Toastmaster’s Latest CC!

Congratulations to Loai! He's done it!! After delivering his 10th Toastmasters speech, he achieved the Competent Communicator (CC) award, a ...
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Another Successful Club Meeting

Last night, was another successful club meeting. There were three, excellent, talks. The first was from Loai Hesham, who spoke ...
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Club Contest Success!

Wow, what an amazing evening on 20 September 2017 at Nuremberg Toastmasters! It was our Fall Club Contest, with competitions ...
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Bistro Nuremberg Toastmasters – Staff Favorites!

(Toast)Master Chef Horst asked his team what their favorite restaurants are in the Nuremberg area and he has graciously agreed ...
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An evening at Bistro Nuremberg Toastmasters

(Toast)Master Chef Horst of Bistro Nuremberg Toastmasters took us through an extraordinarily delicious meeting on Monday! For starters, we laughed ...
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Foxes, flying chairs and enduring pain…

'Abundant' was the word-of-the-day and we certainly experienced abundant learning and fun at the Nuremberg Toastmasters meeting on 3 July! ...
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Liz and Matt Achieve CC Award!

An evening of achievements and milestones at Nuremberg Toastmasters! In our 200th meeting on 19 June 2017, Marc relived his ...
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Monika’s Ice Breaker Speech

At last night's meeting, one of our newer members, Monika, completed her first speech: The Ice Breaker. We were very ...
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Marc wins again!

Congratulations to Marc Schuck on winning the Division I International Speech Contest today in Nuremberg!! It was a strong line-up ...
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Steve’s Ice Breaker Speech

1, 2, 3 Nuremberg! That was the title of our new member Steve's Ice Breaker speech. Steve took us on ...
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