Nuremberg Toastmasters

The first Franconian Toastmasters Club, founded in 2002 in Nuremberg, Germany.

The Bucket List

What’s On Your Bucket List?

Monday’s club meeting started with an extraordinarily broad topic: The Bucket List. As a warm-up, the audience gave us an insight into their personal bucket lists. As a result, we learned a little more about one another, along with the charming phrase: “to kick the bucket“. After that, thanks to Milena’s very creative preparation, three Read more about What’s On Your Bucket List?[…]

Club president, Hiram, presenting Susann and Norman with the icebreaker badges after the Nuremberg Toastmasters meeting

A Night of Firsts & Awards!

We had an excellent meeting last night, one made so very special, as we had two icebreaker speeches. The first was from Susann, called “Dare to be Boring“. The second was from Norman, called “How did I get here?“. If you’re not familiar with an icebreaker, the aim is to deliver a speech on any Read more about A Night of Firsts & Awards![…]

Saving Time, Long Journeys, and Saving the Planet!

At last night’s Nuremberg Toastmaster’s meeting, we had it all! Alex shared with us how to save time in our daily lives, by buying a remote-controlled lawnmower. Alexandra extolled us on the virtues of long, dedicated, energetic fruitful journeys. And Horst showed us just how essential the planet is to our survival, and just how Read more about Saving Time, Long Journeys, and Saving the Planet![…]

We did it! 15 Years Nuremberg Toastmasters!

What a memorable evening it was! Over 40 guests attended Nuremberg Toastmaster’s 15th Anniversary Gala at the Estragon Restaurant on 13 January 2018, including our Division Director Stefan, Area Director Alexandra, three Founding Members and ten Past Presidents! Hosted by Club President Peter, it was an evening full of delectable food, delightful conversation and diverting Read more about We did it! 15 Years Nuremberg Toastmasters![…]

Memories, Compasses, and Glühwein

The final meeting of 2018 was full of “memories” of exceptional times. Ingrid (pictured) captivated us with two vivid memories related to her move to Nuremberg as a child – and received her Ice Breaker (speech #1) pin from Club President Peter. Alexandra drew us in emotionally to her adventure as a young student on Read more about Memories, Compasses, and Glühwein[…]

Loai – Nuremberg Toastmaster’s Latest CC!

Congratulations to Loai! He’s done it!! After delivering his 10th Toastmasters speech, he achieved the Competent Communicator (CC) award, a major milestone in a Toastmaster’s journey. Well done, Loai! In addition to Loai’s inspiring speech based on lessons he learned from a monk, Horst led us figuratively along the El Camino de Santiago and Marc Read more about Loai – Nuremberg Toastmaster’s Latest CC![…]

Another Successful Club Meeting

Last night, was another successful club meeting. There were three, excellent, talks. The first was from Loai Hesham, who spoke about a project he’s passionate about: Water Entrepreneurs. He showed the work that he’s been involved in, in Africa, primarily Kenya, helping people to grow out of poverty. The second, from Matthew Setter, was about Read more about Another Successful Club Meeting[…]