Speech : Germanic Sound Shift : Plattdeutsch

Do you know how many languages are spoken in Germany?  5 Plattdeutsch, Friesisch, Sorbisch, Romani, Danisch. On Monday 3rd September we were introduce to Germanic Sound Shift and Plattdeutsch by Holger. Wordsmith Holger gives us a brief history of Germanic Sound. The presentation dealt with the so called Germanic sound shift which happened in several phases during the Read more about Speech : Germanic Sound Shift : Plattdeutsch[…]

Speech : Memories Of A Game Ranger : Africa : Harry Wolhuter

One off our resident Toastmasters from South Africa, Peter told us off some cautionary tales from the great game reserves at our the club meeting on the 20th August. One such tale is off a ranger called Harry Wolhuter. In his own words Peter Bird recalls the legendary Harry Wolhuter. Harry Wolhuter was the first Read more about Speech : Memories Of A Game Ranger : Africa : Harry Wolhuter[…]