On June 16, a number of officers from the clubs in Area I4 of Toastmasters District 95 assembled at the DAI for a club officer training day.

During the day, we learned a lot about the roles at Toastmasters, made new friendships, and continued to build existing friendships. There were quite a large number of energetic discussions which, whilst we didn’t all agree, helped to further understanding and knowledge within all the members present.

Here’s a selection of photos from the day.

Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95
Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95
Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95
Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95
Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95
Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95
Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95

Fellow Toastmasters and Guests, our next meeting is Monday, July 18th, starting at 19:00 at the DAI (Deutsch-Amerikanische Institut). If you have a role, or are keen to see how the meeting works, check out the meeting agenda.

If you need directions, here’s all the details, complete with a Google Map:

Deutsch Amerikanisches Institut Nürnberg

Deutsch Amerikanisches Institut Nürnberg

Otherwise, if you’re keen to build your public speaking and leadership skills, we’d love to see you there. Feel free to join us at 7pm every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month.

Congratulations to Anna Slyschak and Elisabeth Schwille on delivering their Ice Breaker speeches last night.

We learnt that Anna is originally from the north of Kazakhstan, she moved to Germany at a young age and loves to travel and learn new cultures & languages. She is musically talented having played in a band for many years and is now working in the field of Psychology.

Elisabeth is from Baden-Württemberg – the Scottish part of Germany. She loves watching air-crash investigations where she has learnt that airplanes can actually withstand a great deal of stress, which has helped her get over her little fear of flying. She is currently doing a PhD in Psychology and enjoys studying why we do what we do when shopping!

At the end of the meeting they were awarded their Toastmaster badges by Club President – Karsten Brach (CC).

Pictured Below (l-r) Elisabeth Schwille, Anna Slyschak and Club President – Karsten Brach (CC).

ice breaker speech for Elisabeth Schwille and Anna Slyschak


Congratulations to all our club members on another successful term, we once again achieved President’s Distinguished Club for the 7th Year in a row. Thank you to all our outgoing officers who worked tirelessly throughout the term motivating club members and driving our memorable 2015-16 club program.

Thank you our 2015-16 club officers:

President – Phuc-An Tran (CC, CL), VP Education – Karsten Brach (CC) / Tobias Häuser (ACB), VP Membership – Alexander Theile, VP Public Relations – Hiram Ergetu, Secretary – Ying Meng, Treasurer – Peter Bird (ACB, CL), Sergeant at Arms – Marc Schuck (CC), Camera Operator – Claudia Dittrich, and Immediate Past President – Guenter Schmid (DTM).

President’s Distinguished Club is the highest level of recognition available to clubs. Toastmasters International rates clubs all around the world on how well they encourage members to pursue their communication and leaders goals.

We look forward to another exciting program in the 2016-17 term with a new highly motivated officers team, who were unanimously voted in by club members on Monday, 6 June 2016.

Welcome our 2016-17 club officers:

President – Karsten Brach (CC) , VP Education – Peter Bird (ACB, CL), VP Membership – Marc Schuck (CC) / Ying Meng, VP Public Relations – Matthew Setter / Hiram Ergetu, Secretary – Elisabeth Schwille, Treasurer – Alexander Theile, Sergeant at Arms – Chet Sanders / Ilias Anwari, Camera Operator – Claudia Dittrich, and Immediate Past President – Phuc-An Tran (CC, CL).

Thank you once again to our outgoing officers, and welcome to our new 2016-17 club officers!

Pictured below are some of our incoming officers for 2016-17 (l-r) Immediate Past President – Phuc-An Tran (CC, CL), VP Public Relations – Hiram Ergetu, Camera Operator – Claudia Dittrich, Treasurer – Alexander Theile, VP Membership – Marc Schuck (CC), VP Education – Peter Bird (ACB, CL), Club President – Karsten Brach (CC), Sergeant at Arms – Chet Sanders, Secretary – Elisabeth Schwille, and Sergeant at Arms – Ilias Anwari.

Nuremberg Toastmasters Executive Team


If you would like to know more about Toastmasters International or Nuremberg Toastmasters, and you would like to visit our club as a guest, please send an email to our VP Membership – Alexander Theile.

Come along either the 1st or 3rd Monday of each month.

We look forward to your visit.

Congratulations to Klaus Lüftenegger, who delivered his 10th speech from the CC Manual – Inspire your Audience.

Inspire us he did, with a speech titled ‘Biking with my Dad’ he painted a clear picture of what it would be like biking in the cold, windy rain with monstrous hills from Nürnberg to Austria.

He also challenged us to stop making excuses and to plan and spend some quality time alone with a close friend or family member, and In doing so, we would cherish the memories and bonds we build forever.

Congratulations also to Suneesh Puthiyonnan who delivered his Ice Breaker speech. Suneesh introduced himself to the club with some great stories from when we was growing up in a big family in India, to the challenges of learning German and working in Germany.

Well done Klaus and Suneesh!

Pictured below (l-r) is Club President – Phuc-An Tran (CC, CL), Klaus Lüftenegger (CC), and Suneesh Puthiyonnan who was awarded his Toastmasters badge.


Congratulations to Hubert Meier, who gave his first speech (The Ice Breaker) at the club on Monday, 23 May 2016.

As part of the speech, he introduced himself and told us how he came to be in his current role at Datev, here in Nuremberg. It was wonderful to hear his story, and to get to know more about him. Well done Hubert!

Pictured Below (l-r) Club President Phuc-An Tran (CC, CL), and Hubert Meier who was awarded his Toastmaster badge.

Hubert's Ice Breaker


It was once again an inspiring Division 95 I Spring Conference,  held on Saturday 23 April 2016 in Ulm. There were lots of speech contests, keynote speeches and workshops, on a diversity of topics, which provided Toastmasters with a valuable learning experience.

Congratulations to Nuremberg Toastmasters club member Marc Schuck, CC who finished third in the German Speech Contest as well as Erlangen Toastmasters club member Dorleta Gonzalez, DTM who was awarded first place in the English International Speech Contest.

The conference kicked off with District 95 Club Growth Director Bea Binzce updating us on club growth in the District, which was followed by Christopher Magyar, who provided insights into the founding process of District 59 and the amazingly huge growth of Toastmasters in Europe, starting with 29 clubs in 1995 and increasing to more than 500 clubs in 2016.

One of the workshops was held by Olga Kutsche – ‘Management vs Leadership: Attributes, Roles and responsibility’ who presented valuable ideas on how best to run our clubs. In short, the leader asks: What shall happen? The manager makes it happen!

Nuremberg Toastmasters Club President Phuc-An Tran, CC, CL ran a NLP workshop which provided us with helpful steps and an easy to remember process to make our speeches more inspiring and compelling for our audience.

Phuc-An's NLP workshop

Finally, Peter Zinn delivered the keynote speech titled ‘Seduction on Stage’ raising many ideas. He highlighted the fact that power posing affects our mind and in turn, our mind affects our body language. It’s no wonder Nuremberg Toastmasters club members showed powerful body language when posing for photos.

The division 95 conference

The division 95 I conference was once again well worth visiting. Congratulations to the organising team headed by Division 95 I Director Franziska Gröhn, you all did an excellent job in the planning and running of the conference.

If you would like to know more about the International Speech & Evaluation contests, Toastmasters International or what Nuremberg Toastmasters can offer you, we would be glad to welcome you to our next meeting. Please send a short email letting us know to our Vice President Membership – Alexander Theile.

Come along and check out Toastmasters!

We look forward to your visit.



It was a wonderful day that Jutta Finger chose for us to go hiking together with our families and dogs. We started at around 12:15 setting of from the 1000 jährige Linde in Kasberg (parking place) with a sporty take-off. We marched towards Haidhof and the Hotel Schlossberg (www.hotel-schlossberg.com/) which had great Franconian cuisine. On the way we were rewarded with beautiful fresh air and fantastic views. See the pictures.

The return hike was just as good with even more spectacular views. Our past president Guenter Schmid even brought the latest Toastmaster magazine with him. What a great hike and fun day we had.

Thank you Jutta for organizing this hike!

Some Impressions Shared:

  • Sporty, outdoor activity with adventure in the fresh air
  • Wonderful talks and companionship and storytelling along the way
  • We had some younger potential future toastmasters with us. Good succession planning!
  • The dogs told me they didn’t enjoy the wash afterwards
  • Jutta is available as freelance hiking guide in the future as she is retiring from Toastmasters

Dear All,
We visited Noris Toastmasters and celebrated with them their 10 year anniversary. This was a great and unforgettable event with games, quizes and line dancing. On behalf of Nuremberg Toastmasters, we congratulate you on your 10th anniversary and look forward to supporting you as always in our area moving forward. It was great that some of our members could attend. Thanks to Noris Toastmasters for organizing such an event and for let us take part. Alexandra Manger, Guenter Schmid and Peter Bird attended from Nuremberg Toastmasters.


On Saturday, 12 March 2016 the Area I 4 International Speech and Evaluation Contests were held in Nuremberg, bringing together Toastmasters from the various clubs in the region, who all presented outstanding speeches.

Congratulations to everyone who competed. Here are our 1st Place Winners:

Morag Mathieson, DTM (Erlangen Toastmasters) – English Evaluation Contest

Dorleta Gonzalez, DTM (Erlangen Toastmasters) – English International Speech Contest

Eric Tittel (Noris Toastmasters) – German Evaluation Contest

Marc Schuck, CC (Nuremberg Toastmasters) – German Speech Contest


Pictured (l-r) Marc Schuck, CC – German Speech Contest, Morag Mathieson, DTM – English Evaluation Contest, Eric Tittel – German Evaluation Contest and Dorleta Gonzalez, DTM – English International Speech Contest.

Other Nuremberg Toastmaster members who competed at the Area I 4 Speech Contest include Luis Jose Francisco Pichardo, CC, and Peter Bird, CC in the International Speech Contest and Alexandra Manger, ACB, ALB, in the English Evaluation Contest.

The winners will now represent Area I 4 in the Division I Spring Conference in Ulm on Saturday, 23 April 2016. If you wish to attend and support your fellow Toastmasters, you can find more details here.

Area I 4 consists of Toastmasters from Nuremberg Toastmasters, Noris Toastmasters, Erlangen Toastmasters and Nürnberg Rhetoriker.

The Area I 4 contest started with a quick session on providing effective evaluations. We discussed that the speaker as well as the evaluator are both learning, and that the speaker should not take evaluations to heart, but should instead focus on the actual process of giving a speech. Hence the speaker should make use of the feedback to create a better speech and to remain motivated for the next speech.

To get the first contest under way, we listened to a 5-7min test speech, which took us on a journey through the eyes of a guest worker, who arrived in Germany from a small town in Italy. All our evaluators provided valuable feedback and the speaker took away some great tips for her next speech.

We then had the German Evaluation Contest, German Speech Contest and the International Speech Contest. Contestants all gave fantastic speeches, which captivated the audience with their stories. There were interesting lesson to be learnt also, such as to embrace technology, but don’t let it take over your life.

Thank you to all Toastmasters who covered functionary roles such as judges, timers, ballot counters, sergeant at arms.  You all did an amazing job and the contest flowed smoothly with your help and support.

If you would like to know more about the International Speech & Evaluation Contests, Toastmasters International or what Nuremberg Toastmasters can offer you, we would be glad to welcome you to our next meeting. Please send a short email letting us know to our Vice President Membership – Alexander Theile.

Come along as a guest anytime and experience Toastmasters!

We look forward to your visit.