img_2364I have been a member of Nuremberg Toastmasters for nearly ten years. But last nights performance was just outstanding. Chet, our Toastmaster of the Evening, was really well prepared. He led us through the evening in the true Christmas spirit – not only with a Santa hat but in verse!!!! Yes, you read correctly. He moderated the whole evening in rhymes!

All of his introductions were little poems and he even accounted for some last minute changes – doing some rhyming on the fly. Well done Chet! You really set the mood.

After our lovely and lively meeting, including a debating session as a welcome change from table topics and outstanding evaluations we had a sumptuous Christmas feast with hot mulled wine and ginger bread cake (mentally well prepared, since we had a Ginger Bread speech given by Liz shortly before).

To all our guests at Nuremberg Toastmasters this year and to all our members who could not make last night’s meeting:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hope to see you all again at the next meeting on January 2nd 2017.

On the weekend, the Toastmasters Division I, Fall (Autumn) 2016 Contest was held in Munich with the theme Inspiring Growth & Excellence. And what an excellent and inspiring conference it was. I for one was very inspired, both by the quality of the competitors and by the other events on the agenda.

The contest featured a humorous speech contest, table topics contest, Wettbewerb Humoristische Rede, and Wettbewerb Stegreifrede. Margaret Jankowsky from Noris Toastmasters placed 2nd in the table topics contest. And our very own Marc Schuck placed second in the Wettbewerb Stegreifrede and won the humorous speech contest.

Congratulations to both Margaret and Marc! We’re all very proud of you both. Marc’s going on to represent us in Warsaw at the upcoming conference. All the best Marc!

And here are some photos to capture the memories of the event. Enjoy.

elisabeth-and-chet-at-toastmasters-district-95-fall-autumn-2016-contest marc-and-hiram-at-toastmasters-district-95-fall-autumn-2016-contest marc-erik-and-valentina-at-toastmasters-district-95-fall-autumn-2016-contest marc-the-winner-at-toastmasters-district-95-fall-autumn-2016-contest

The Toastmasters Area 4 Contest was held on Wednesday, 28 September 2016 at the Nachbarschaftshaus Gostenhof. It was a great evening with Nuremberg Toastmasters Marc Schuck winning the Humorous Speech Contest and German Table Topic Contest (Stegreifredenwettbewerb), and Loai Hesham coming second in the English Table Topics Contest.




Marc Schuck will now go on to represent Area 4 in both contests in Munich at the end of October. Good luck Marc!

Special thanks to fellow club members who filled roles throughout the evening: Claudia Dittrich, Elisabeth Schwille, Peter Bird and especially Alexandra Manger who was Contest Chair.

Job well done.

The Nuremberg Toastmasters Club hosted a Debating Workshop on Saturday, 24 September 2016 which was led by DTM Christopher Magyar. Toastmasters from other clubs also joined in the fun, making it not only a great learning experience, but also gave members the opportunity to network and share different ideas.

The very practical workshop provided members with a chance to learn:
1. The basics of debating
2. How to express, respond to and argue about points of view persuasively and confidently
3. How to collaborate with others in planning, preparing for and conducting a debate
4. Exploring different perspectives, develop and justifying ideas

Here are a few photos from the day:



Christopher Magyar has been a Toastmaster since 1991. In his Toastmaster life he was a District Governor, the Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training, Chairman of the Continental Council of European Toastmasters (forerunner of District 59 – he lobbied for the creation of District 59), Vice Chairman of Education of the Continental Council of European Toastmasters, and Area Governor four times. The first officer training he ever attended was the one he gave. He has been charter member of four different clubs and helped found four more. Magyar completed the Competent Communicator program in English, German and Italian, attended over 50 district conferences in Europe, England, Ireland and New York as well as 10 Toastmasters International conventions in the U.S. and Canada. He has won the district Humorous Speech Contest, Evaluation Contest and Table Topics Contest and coached District speech-contest winners. Twice he judged the World Championship of Public Speaking.

If you would like to know more about Toastmasters International or what Nuremberg Toastmasters can offer you, we would be glad to welcome you to our next meeting. Please send a short email letting us know to our Vice President Membership.

Come and check out Toastmasters!

We look forward to your visit.

On Monday, 5 September 2016 Nuremberg Toastmasters once again held a Table Topics and Humorous Speech Club Contest. It was an exciting competition with many experienced and new members participating.

The night kicked off with the Table Topics Contest where contestants were called up one by one and received the same question from the contest chair. With no prior knowledge of the question, contestants had 1- 2 minutes to answer. If the speech was less than 1 minutes or more than 2min 30sec, they would have been disqualified.

Pictured below is Table Topics Contest winners (l-r): 2nd place – Peter Bird (ACB, CL), Hiram Ergetu – Contest Chair and 1st Place – Loai Hesham.


For the Humorous Speech contest, contestants had to prepare a 5-7 min speech with a topic of their choice, consisting of an opening, body and conclusion.

Pictured below is Humorous Speech Contest winners (l-r): Contest Chair – Matthew Setter, 1st place – Marc Schuck (CC), and 2nd place – Skylor Zhang.

Humorous Speech Winners

Nuremberg Toastmasters Club Contest Participants: Hiram Ergetu (Contest Chair), Peter Bird (ACB, CL), Hans-Joachim Roesler (CC), Skylor Zhang, Loai Hesham, Marc Schuck, Phuc-An Tran (CC, CL) and Matthew Setter (Contest Chair).

Contest Participants

If you would like to know more about Nuremberg Toastmasters, Table Topics or Humorous Speaking and your seeking to improve your public speaking and leadership skills, then get in contact with us now. You are welcome to attend our meetings any time.

We look forward to your visit.

On June 16, a number of officers from the clubs in Area I4 of Toastmasters District 95 assembled at the DAI for a club officer training day.

During the day, we learned a lot about the roles at Toastmasters, made new friendships, and continued to build existing friendships. There were quite a large number of energetic discussions which, whilst we didn’t all agree, helped to further understanding and knowledge within all the members present.

Here’s a selection of photos from the day.

Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95
Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95
Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95
Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95
Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95
Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95
Club officer training - Area I4 of the District 95

Fellow Toastmasters and Guests, our next meeting is Monday, July 18th, starting at 19:00 at the DAI (Deutsch-Amerikanische Institut). If you have a role, or are keen to see how the meeting works, check out the meeting agenda.

If you need directions, here’s all the details, complete with a Google Map:

Deutsch Amerikanisches Institut Nürnberg

Deutsch Amerikanisches Institut Nürnberg

Otherwise, if you’re keen to build your public speaking and leadership skills, we’d love to see you there. Feel free to join us at 7pm every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month.

Congratulations to Anna Slyschak and Elisabeth Schwille on delivering their Ice Breaker speeches last night.

We learnt that Anna is originally from the north of Kazakhstan, she moved to Germany at a young age and loves to travel and learn new cultures & languages. She is musically talented having played in a band for many years and is now working in the field of Psychology.

Elisabeth is from Baden-Württemberg – the Scottish part of Germany. She loves watching air-crash investigations where she has learnt that airplanes can actually withstand a great deal of stress, which has helped her get over her little fear of flying. She is currently doing a PhD in Psychology and enjoys studying why we do what we do when shopping!

At the end of the meeting they were awarded their Toastmaster badges by Club President – Karsten Brach (CC).

Pictured Below (l-r) Elisabeth Schwille, Anna Slyschak and Club President – Karsten Brach (CC).

ice breaker speech for Elisabeth Schwille and Anna Slyschak


Congratulations to all our club members on another successful term, we once again achieved President’s Distinguished Club for the 7th Year in a row. Thank you to all our outgoing officers who worked tirelessly throughout the term motivating club members and driving our memorable 2015-16 club program.

Thank you our 2015-16 club officers:

President – Phuc-An Tran (CC, CL), VP Education – Karsten Brach (CC) / Tobias Häuser (ACB), VP Membership – Alexander Theile, VP Public Relations – Hiram Ergetu, Secretary – Ying Meng, Treasurer – Peter Bird (ACB, CL), Sergeant at Arms – Marc Schuck (CC), Camera Operator – Claudia Dittrich, and Immediate Past President – Guenter Schmid (DTM).

President’s Distinguished Club is the highest level of recognition available to clubs. Toastmasters International rates clubs all around the world on how well they encourage members to pursue their communication and leaders goals.

We look forward to another exciting program in the 2016-17 term with a new highly motivated officers team, who were unanimously voted in by club members on Monday, 6 June 2016.

Welcome our 2016-17 club officers:

President – Karsten Brach (CC) , VP Education – Peter Bird (ACB, CL), VP Membership – Marc Schuck (CC) / Ying Meng, VP Public Relations – Matthew Setter / Hiram Ergetu, Secretary – Elisabeth Schwille, Treasurer – Alexander Theile, Sergeant at Arms – Chet Sanders / Ilias Anwari, Camera Operator – Claudia Dittrich, and Immediate Past President – Phuc-An Tran (CC, CL).

Thank you once again to our outgoing officers, and welcome to our new 2016-17 club officers!

Pictured below are some of our incoming officers for 2016-17 (l-r) Immediate Past President – Phuc-An Tran (CC, CL), VP Public Relations – Hiram Ergetu, Camera Operator – Claudia Dittrich, Treasurer – Alexander Theile, VP Membership – Marc Schuck (CC), VP Education – Peter Bird (ACB, CL), Club President – Karsten Brach (CC), Sergeant at Arms – Chet Sanders, Secretary – Elisabeth Schwille, and Sergeant at Arms – Ilias Anwari.

Nuremberg Toastmasters Executive Team


If you would like to know more about Toastmasters International or Nuremberg Toastmasters, and you would like to visit our club as a guest, please send an email to our VP Membership – Alexander Theile.

Come along either the 1st or 3rd Monday of each month.

We look forward to your visit.

Congratulations to Klaus Lüftenegger, who delivered his 10th speech from the CC Manual – Inspire your Audience.

Inspire us he did, with a speech titled ‘Biking with my Dad’ he painted a clear picture of what it would be like biking in the cold, windy rain with monstrous hills from Nürnberg to Austria.

He also challenged us to stop making excuses and to plan and spend some quality time alone with a close friend or family member, and In doing so, we would cherish the memories and bonds we build forever.

Congratulations also to Suneesh Puthiyonnan who delivered his Ice Breaker speech. Suneesh introduced himself to the club with some great stories from when we was growing up in a big family in India, to the challenges of learning German and working in Germany.

Well done Klaus and Suneesh!

Pictured below (l-r) is Club President – Phuc-An Tran (CC, CL), Klaus Lüftenegger (CC), and Suneesh Puthiyonnan who was awarded his Toastmasters badge.